I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

I will try to design covers, outlines and drawings. If you need anything to do with design.

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If you have a problem that is not related to the the thread. pm me don’t leave a comment on the thread. I will not respond and I will flag the post.


Oml, thank you so much, so your willing on making me a cover>?

Or a design…

What are your looking for?

Send me details or example pics and I will give it my best shot

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Do you want me to send info like, the color of there eyes and skin color, or no>?

Yes that be super helpful, how do you want it design? Drawn? Like this

or edited like One night stand cover

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Edited would be nice :slight_smile:

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Also can you send me details about the stories as well

Okay, So this girl named Robyn, had a rough past… from abusive boyfriend, to joining gangs. A boy named Zack, is a singer… They just so bump into each other and Zack seems a little interested in Robyn. Will Robyn open up to Zack about her past, or will never open up again

if you want me to redo it or add anything let me know

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Okay, I’m sorry I was Somewhere but I love it.! :slight_smile:

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No problem of you need anything else I would love to do it. Don’t forget to give me credit

Practicing Drawing

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Can i get an edit art scene
Can i get an art scene with him with abs and he is posing holding half his shirt one hand holding the shirt and other hand in his hair and he has tattoos
on both arms and a tatto “I’m sorry” on his neck and an eyebrow piercing
background; Lion

Yes but might be in a few days

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Example cover’s