I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

If you’re not want me to do redo this I will

Don’t worry about the background I used PicsArt free images.

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Sorry I think I give you the wrong Instagram account? The forums won’t allow me to put the underscores! There is an underscore before maddie_harris and after!

This should fix it

can you please make this night but with the lights on? <3

thank you so much already<333

This is my pfp.

You said you can contour it like this?


Here’s your night photo

If you want me redo this I will

thank you

:slight_smile: <333

Here’s the contour, I can make the highlights darker to make them stick out better if you want me to

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Np if you need anything let me know

sure :slight_smile:

Sure, also do you know how to shade and highlight the face as well?

Can you make it like the examples I sent?

Here’s what I got if want me to redo this I will

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Thanks a bunch but I’ve already gotten someone to contour it for me. Sorry for wasting your time!

It’s fine, it great practice

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Story title: Love you to death

Author: Ezrie

Genre: horror


Background: anything that fits the story

Discrimination: you have a boyfriend but you’re unaware that he’s trying to kill you so he can be with you in the underworld forever and it seems like you can’t go a day without being in danger

The small cover I would like it to look something like this except I want the guy to have a knife in his hand towards the girl and I want her to have a more frightened look on her face

The large cover I want to look something like this and I want the guy to be looking over her with a grin on his face holding a knife towards her

Also I want the outfit to be this for the small cover

Give me a few days and I see what I can do.