I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

can you please make this night but with the lights on? <3

thank you so much already<333

This is my pfp.

You said you can contour it like this?


Here’s your night photo

If you want me redo this I will

thank you

:slight_smile: <333

Here’s the contour, I can make the highlights darker to make them stick out better if you want me to

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Np if you need anything let me know

sure :slight_smile:

Sure, also do you know how to shade and highlight the face as well?

Can you make it like the examples I sent?

Here’s what I got if want me to redo this I will

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Thanks a bunch but I’ve already gotten someone to contour it for me. Sorry for wasting your time!

It’s fine, it great practice

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Story title: Love you to death

Author: Ezrie

Genre: horror


Background: anything that fits the story

Discrimination: you have a boyfriend but you’re unaware that he’s trying to kill you so he can be with you in the underworld forever and it seems like you can’t go a day without being in danger

The small cover I would like it to look something like this except I want the guy to have a knife in his hand towards the girl and I want her to have a more frightened look on her face

The large cover I want to look something like this and I want the guy to be looking over her with a grin on his face holding a knife towards her

Also I want the outfit to be this for the small cover

Give me a few days and I see what I can do.

I don’t know if I sent you the “how to save your image” thing before you did this, but just remember to save it! It’s unfair for the requester who has to crop it and do all that - this makes the picture blurry :wink:


Wait… huh?? I’m confused…

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They deleted it so I look like I’m talking to myself :joy:
Well they posted your an edit with your outline so I said to credit you.


My edit and my outline or the colored version of my outline?

Lol. Thanks for the credit.:relieved::hugs::hugs:

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