I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

Hold on I put the wrong ones in!




I want James and Katy standing next to each other on one side and Silvie on the other side! The title at the top and something in the middle that you think would fit! Thanks!

P.s the title is. Where are you Silvie?

I still am going to look for other people to do covers so I can switch them out.

Okay no give me three days and I’ll will be done

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Thank you so much!

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Ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaa

Don’t hesitate to ask for changes

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Ok one tiny thing… can you make the background darker?

Darker background

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I know it looks different but I couldn’t make the background darker without changing a few things. You can use either one. Don’t forget give me credit

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may i request a art scene?

I am still taking requests

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i dont know how to make a cover art because i am barley starting off so can you please help me

Description or exaple of what you want

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Having too much free time

Could someone please use the episode background EXT. TROPICAL BEACH DUSK - DAY and add two white circular stages in zone 2 so two announcers can stand on them with a crowd nearby. It’s just the two stages on the background, thanks :slight_smile:

Give me three days I will have it finished