I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

Don’t hesitate to ask for changes

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Ok one tiny thing… can you make the background darker?

Darker background

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I know it looks different but I couldn’t make the background darker without changing a few things. You can use either one. Don’t forget give me credit

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may i request a art scene?

I am still taking requests

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i dont know how to make a cover art because i am barley starting off so can you please help me

Description or exaple of what you want

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Having too much free time

Could someone please use the episode background EXT. TROPICAL BEACH DUSK - DAY and add two white circular stages in zone 2 so two announcers can stand on them with a crowd nearby. It’s just the two stages on the background, thanks :slight_smile:

Give me three days I will have it finished



I love it! :heart:

Your welcome, just credit me and of you need anything else please let me know

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Hello, can I request a car parking lot background?

Yeah give me a week and I see what I can do

Thank you sm :slight_smile: