I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

Can I get 2 backgrounds
1st boyish bedroom with door and has car posters and inspirational qoute posters and has music notes on the wall
2nd nerdy boy bedroom with door and has inspirational qoutes posters and a drumset(episode)
can they be wide so I can pan in them

Yeah, give me two weeks and I’ll get it done

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Is it alright if I find someone else because i need it sooner

How soon do you need it?

About next thursday

Okay, I see what I can do. It’s okay for to ask other people. See if they can get it done sooner

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Hi i need a diner background with a overlay I likely want something like a boot background or something like that let your magic do its thing XD

I can redo this if you want to

Boot background? Do you mind giving me a example

I’m not from america so idk how its called but like where they are on sitting and then a over lay too And if you can also do like the diner from the outside

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hello :innocent: can you make me a background? a princess room with a blue bed, it can be some kind of fantasy room too (anything you can think of)

I can try give me a a week

I can try to my best give me a a week

I will be waiting, thank you so much :heart_eyes:

Designing background


Is your background for little girls or babies

Hey you told me to request here and I would like it if you could cut out the counters and tables and chairs from these backgrounds and turn them into png so that I can upload them as overlays

Let me know if you want changes

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I know they are not perfect but I can redo if needed, they are hard to do considering the way the picture is. If you want me to redo them I will do it right away

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