I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

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Is there any way that you can make a front door of this home where it opens and closes. If that makes any sense.



Thank you.

Drawn or edited



I couldn’t find a full body pic so I use what I could find

If you want me to redo it. Just let me know

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I love it but can you send me the full image

That is the full pic but I can send a better pic of the design

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Tysm :grin:
And how do I credit you

that picture has a label you will not be able to use it.

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Considering that image you’ve used is watermarked you might want to check it’s copyright free for commercial use before using it. Or it’s illegal

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You got it off shutterstock that much is clear… however does it say free for commercial use?
Some on certain sites like that have different legal rights to them, doesn’t mean they are all the same.

Looks like you used this image
this image is a royalty free stock photo


Even though you googled it does not mean its free to use. Especially if you can see the watermark on it. I doubt Episode will approve it. I Recommend using Pixabay.com that is a free website also Kisspng


Because you can download anything off the internet.
You searched “free images” that doesn’t mean copyright free.
Royalty free for instance means you don’t pay royalties to use it in SOME ways. Not that you can just go ahead and use it. The same as it doesn’t mean you can download anything at random and use it.
There are many threads that have been made on here explaining episode and copyright laws.
It’s your responsibility if you are going to be making stuff for people to make sure you know these rules as it’s not just an episode rule but a copyright LAW. People using these things you make will be the ones in trouble if they get caught using something illegal.


Dude. She is right. There are specific websites that have free images. Use them.
www.pixabay.com for instance.


That’s a really great idea! Just do your own thing and screw the consequences… admirable really.
Just because you can use it somewhere doesn’t mean it can be used elsewhere.
Look into it and don’t be lazy, if this is your attitude towards laws, then really you shouldn’t be creating for others and people who don’t know these things and aren’t aware can get into trouble because you don’t care.

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Have you tried Kisspng? That is free to use.

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