I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

Dude. If u give away edits with watermarks. It is a sign that what you’re doing is a bit wrong.

Authors will use it, wait for 2 weeks, and it won’t get approved. I would be pissed


It doesn’t mean the same thing! what part of that don’t you get?!
Yeah definitely don’t want to make a request. Just trying to educate you on something, but obviously you don’t give a damn, which is really immature by the way.
Episode itself requires all images used to be copyright free, free for commercial use, public domain images.


It really doesn’t matter though whether you care about them or not. There are consequences regardless… and to people unaware of these things who get art from you that breaks these rules are risking it without knowing.
@Jeremy or @Sydney_H
Could one of you two possibly try explaining this as it’s quite clear that she/he intends to keep using these images regardless of possible consequences to others.


I know you’re not the only one, I don’t care about that to be honest. Was just bringing it to your attention as I believed that you still didn’t understand it after the last time it was brought up… But you seem to just not care enough to do the right thing. So I’m not going to keep trying to make you see that just going ahead and doing it because some people don’t think it’s important, isn’t a valid reason to dodge the law, it can be left to the moderaters to review your method of creating your works.
But I can say watermarked works you’ve given away, will be rejected and i daresay people will be upset about having to wait all that time for review only to not be able to use it.


Actually sometimes episodes do approve images that are not suppose to. I have a couple of pictures/ backgrounds that Episode approved but once I learned about copyright laws. I went through a lot of my images and they were not free to use, Now I have put my story on hold to fix this. and there is 13 chapters, that I have to look over overlays and backgrounds. So even at times they approve sometimes images fall through the cracks.


Just a heads up that anything with a watermark or any image that once had a watermark would be rejected if submitted for the app. With that being said I would highly recommend using content of your own if you want to provide a service and help to the community :slight_smile:


I can you make me one please!!

What you do want?

And I wanted it to have my Instagram:maddie_harris

Give me a few hours and I’ll have it done

If I’m honest, I would advise you to practice drawing a bit more. You’re a beginner with little experience and from your requests, I can see that you do put all your effort into it but you’re just not experienced enough. I don’t want to come off as rude but you seem to be oblivious to the fact that copyrighted images won’t be approved and is illegal, and your work is quite rushed. I have told you before to work on your art skills and look up on tutorials on YouTube and stuff like that (that’s how I learned to get better at art) but it doesn’t seem like you’ve done much about it. Again, I’m in no means to come off as nasty or rude, but I’m sure that a lot of other people would agree with me that you need to work on your skills a bit more :slight_smile: here are some tutorials to help you (if you use them, credit the artist :))

image image image image


Thanks, I have been looking into it but I can’t do much when I have requests to fill. I am taking on requests as practice. It isn’t like I can draw the episode characters overnight.

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I know - don’t take it the wrong way :slight_smile: I just feel as though you should practice a bit more then maybe start requests?


Trust me I tried creating practice threads, but no one responded

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I will be more than happy to help! PM me if you need help on anything art related :slight_smile:

Thanks so much

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You’re welcome b xx

You can use the original as the door close but I can redo this if you want

If you’re not want me to do redo this I will

Don’t worry about the background I used PicsArt free images.

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Sorry I think I give you the wrong Instagram account? The forums won’t allow me to put the underscores! There is an underscore before maddie_harris and after!