I will create outlines, drawings, and everything else

They deleted it so I look like I’m talking to myself :joy:
Well they posted your an edit with your outline so I said to credit you.


My edit and my outline or the colored version of my outline?

Lol. Thanks for the credit.:relieved::hugs::hugs:

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A colored version
And no problem :hugs::heart:

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I deleted original one because I was updating the picture

I was trying to practice contouring, I am pretty sure that I did it wrong

why is his head and the girl’s hand like that

Failed attempt at adding contrast to the hair

Hey I need a dorm room one side guys and one side girls ! X

I see what I can do


You mean something like this


Sorry I have another background!

I have somebody else, sorry!

Hi i was very busy so i didn’t saw your reply so sorry but can you still make the diner background and overlay please? (And i want the inside look sort of like this and then i want also like the whole diner from inside and outside)

Can u create car seat overlays for me too, I’ve been asking for a while and i’ve got nothing to help me?

You mean like This

Sorry uploaded the wrong photo

This is what I got if you want me to redo it let me know

Hi thank you I only still need like the seat backgrounds if you can do that that will be great (and anyway I’m giving credit :sweat_smile:)

I can see if I can find it

I think this is what you are looking for