I will do covers, splashes, overlays, all that jazz. (Beginner)


Okay perfect


Hello I understand your busy but I was just wondering do you know how long until my art scenes would be complete . No rush at all I just have a few things lined up .


Yes I’m working on it right now.



Awesome thank you



Haha I decided to repost my request - I hope that is alright!

So the details are DEREK is giving MINDY a rose, here are the pictures needed and background!

Her skin is caramel and eyes are taupe to clarify


Background is this!


Here you go! Hope you like it!


Awwww :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you it is gorgeousss


Glad you like it. :kissing_heart:


Hi ^^
I was wondering if I could request a cover ^^
I find your art really beautiful, stunning and absolutely breathtaking :grin:


Sure, thank you so much. :relaxed:


@Sydney_H can you close this?



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: