I will make a cover for your story!

I will make a cover for your story using Photoshop. This cover will NOT be hand or digitally drawn.

Here is an example from our story Avalia:

If you are interested, comment the following information:

  • Story title
  • Author name
  • Style (Ink or LL)
  • Character details AND clothing items
  • Poses
  • Background (you can tell me what kind of background you want and I will find it, or you can give me a picture that you would like me to use)
  • Cover size
  • When you need the cover done by

I really enjoy using Photoshop and would love to make your cover! Please make sure you comment ALL the details below.
If anyone asks where you got your cover, please give us credit!

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  • Lily & Anna

Thank you!

  • Story title = Bloodshot Rose
  • Author name = RowenJ
  • Style (Ink or LL) = LL
  • Character details AND clothing items
    Bride; has long medium blonde hair ( straight, loose, solid ) round wide dark brown eyes, diamond face shape, copper 03 skin/ tanned. Defined natural nose, small mouth, deep red gloss, arched natural chestnut brown eyebrows
    Groom; has same skin tone, chestnut brown messy undercut hair, chestnut brown, chiseled angular stubble face, Grecian narrow nose, medium straight natural lips, deepset downturned eyes ( dark brown)

    Gunman; Doesn’t really matter but something similar to this =
  • Poses = Bride And groom shocked or startled, Gunman is pointing a gun at the bride
  • Background = A wedding scene on the beach
  • Cover size = Large cover and if you do them, small covers
  • When you need the cover done by, not absolutely urgent but sometime soon if possible

Here is what I came up with:

These are so nice, can I also have them without the text if possible?

I’d like a cover! :relaxed:
Title: The deal
Author name: Kate B
Style: Ink
Background: soccer field
body: olive
Brow: Seductive Round
Hair: Straight and blond
Eyes: Upturned Luxe and green
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: soft natural
Lips: classic and blush

body: light
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped Hair and black
Eyes: Classic Round and blue
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: button
Lips: small round and blush

White suspender top
Blue Beach Day Skater Shoes
Blue High Waisted Pants

Ripped Punk Pants
Black High Top Dance Shoes
Black Varsity Jacket

The boy is flirt_fingersnap
The girl is arm_crossed_angry
The characters should look each other in the eyes

Type of cover:
Small and large cover

Time: It’s not urgent

No problem, glad you like them!


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Hope you like them! Let me know if there’s anything you want me to change.

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I love the covers!! Thank you very much!! :relaxed:

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Thank you <3

I will work on this! Should take me about a week.

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thank you !! <3

Hi, wondering if you are still doing covers for stories? I will obviously give you a shout out.

  • story title - Trueloves Lies

  • Author - Sara B

  • style - LL

  • Character - the is the exact same as Roy, haven’t changed anything

  • the girl is Rose with Shortsleeved Fit and Flare Dress Cotton Black White with Open Toe stiletto Heel Metal Tongue Strap Grey Black

poses - the girl - idle_armcrossed_angry_loop
guy - talk_flirt_coy with hand up to face please

cover - landscape - I don’t know the correct measurements sorry

I’m not fussy on the time side of things but can I possibly have it done within a month (don’t mind if its late)

Thank you sooooo much

I will work on this! Should have it done in less than a month.

What would you like the background to be?

A beach background please.

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Just wondering how the cover is going?