I will make an edit for the first 5 people!


here is my email okemi007@gmail.com

my character aaliyah has chestnut skintone , she has upturned feline eyes their green, she has mature round eyebrows,with long straight hair, she has full round lips , refined nose, and soft heart she has a beige zipper crop top a beige corset and chic military boots.

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Ok! Why color lips?

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My details
Skin: light
Brows: Seductive Round
hair: Straight chestnut brown
eyes: upturn feline brown
face: soft heart
nose: soft natural
lips: classic toffee
Thank you!


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Character details:

Name: (don’t really mind)
Hair: Long Bangs, black
Nose: Button
Eyebrows: Medium Sharp
Lips: Full Tapered
Eyes: Deepest Peircing, purple
Skin: Tan

Am I to late?

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Either way here are the details lol

Hair: Beach Wave, Chestnut
Skin tone: Light
Face Shape: Oval
Eyes: Upturned Feline, Blue
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round, Mocha

I will upload mine now


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I will get started on this soon!

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Hey your not to late! I will start it soon!

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I already have my 5, but I will make sure to do you after I finish the 5!

Aw thx :sparkling_heart:

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Okays thank you

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Name: Lauren
Body: Caramel
Eyebrows: Seductive round
Hair: Beach waves(black)
Eyes: Upturned bold(Toffee)
Face: Soft heart
Nose: Soft natural
Lips: Full round(Cherry red)

(I hope that’s enough for you but if not I can send you a photo :slight_smile:

Oof sorry you already have five you don’t have to do that sorry :expressionless: I didn’t read all of it sorry