I will make edits/pfps for you!

So I already have a art thread however I thought it might be good to make one for what I do best. Edits!


So please be respectful and kind and don’t cause drama or spam on this thread or I will report you. If you are going to request don’t request for the heck of it. Please know I put a lot of time and effort into my art and I try to help the community so I dint want to waste my time. Don’t ask when it’s going to be done. Please. It’s just annoying. If your going to request from me don’t forget to credit. It is mandatory. Because again art takes time and effort so thats really all I am asking from you. If your going to request from me for something don’t request from others for the same thing. Not only does it waste my time it wastes there’s. With that said be kind and respectful and happy requesting!

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