I will rate your story plus promoting mine cus i cannnn!

This is my story:

My story has released Season 2!!!

Title: Swapped!

Author: Vic_Creations

Genre: Comedy

Style: Limelight

Current season: Season 2

Description: Evie and Ash were enemies. But hey, don’t they say people bond over a common problem? Well that’s true in the case of Evie and Ash. A ghost from their past informs them they must undo the wrongs of their past lives, to please the God of punishment! Who knew they were the reincarnation of hitmen? But… their genders are swapped by the god of punishment to make things harder for them… So, they must adapt to the other gender life and undo the wrongs of 2 criminals, Man I thought exam week was hard! Can the do it?


Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5696630616686592

Comment what you think of it :slight_smile: :crazy_face:


For a first impression, I would say that the description is quite long and maybe it could be better if it was slightly shorter. Also, I love the cover art! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:
Here’s my story if you want to read…
:blob_sun: It’s on hold :blob_sun:
My instagram is @emily_episodeee
Title- A day in the life of me…
Description- Follow Leah’s TOTALLY NORMAL life! As she experiences fake friends, heartbreak and plenty of fun in this episode story! Limelight Female MC Customisation
Cover Art-

Thanks! I did the cover art myself! I will check out your story!

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Hi :yellow_heart: @VicCreations will you rate my story too btw You did a great job on your cover…

Title: I married my troublemaker (limelight)
Author name: Miss Deepika
Style: Limelight
Episode: 23 so far
Description: Fixed marriage with a person who brings trouble in your life, will this marriage turned out to be a success or big misery in your life.
{Art scenes}

Genre: comedy
Ig: @orangeweedie.episode

English is not my first language so kindly bear my small mistakes :heart:


Hey! Thank you so much for doing this!
My story: Tempting
Genre: Romance
Chapters out: 12
Description: Being a rich one-hit-wonder having a bad breakup can lead you to some bad circumstances and Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. What happens when the two of you collide? LL/CC/CM
Insta: @tiff_episode
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5664934106169344


Title: Allure (Limelight)
Author Name: London Michelle
Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 24 (ongoing)
Instagram: londonsstories
Description: They were born on the same day, but they are worlds apart. But, what happens if we throw a boy into the mix? Love, lies, and secrets awaits. Different from ink

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5220416963805184

Hey! I’d love to hear what you think of my new story.
title Loose Lips Sink Ships
author @Darcie.Episode
genre Mystery
description working for a private investigator, you know how people love their secrets. But a girl is missing in your beach town, and when people start talking, those secrets are gonna sink ships.

Thanks so much! I did the cover myself, I will check out your story!

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I’ll check out your story! It seems like my favorite kind of stories!

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It seems interesting to me, I will check it out for sure! Love the cover!!

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Thank you!!!

I love the art on the cover! I lowkey wish I could have that style for my art scenes, really amazing work for an interesting story!


Thank you!!! I used @Defenestration, her art is unbelievably amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m obsessed

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The art is really amazing! I messaged them, because they should know how much their work is appreciated. I hope they take up my offer on drawing my characters in an art scene

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I love gender swap stories! They are always so full of drama and comedy :laughing:

Here’s my story

Story name:

High on Love and Formaldehyde

AUTHOR: Liz & Mar

GENRE: Romance/Drama

Chapters So Far: 12

STYLE: Limelight

IG: @ liz_mar.episode

DESCRIPTION: Working at a morgue is what Eliana loves but when her life gets darker than her job, she’ll need all the support she can get. Who’ll bring back the light in the dark?

CC, LL, Art


Well, I love comedy, it’s one of my favorite genders, so you can count on me to read your story <3
Here’s mine, if you want to read it and give me some feedbacks! Enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Title : The Essence
Author: Bikookie
Instagram : @bikookie.ep
Genre : Fantasy, suspense, romance
Style : Limelight
Status : 5, more chapters coming soon
Customization : Just the LI and your own character (at some point in the story)
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5382824169897984
Description: Five princesses of different kingdoms in Unium join together for one purpose: to save the planet from The Darkons. Will they succeed?

Hey there, thanks for the thread! I would be interested in having my story rated!

I am promoting my new story, Ghost of a Chance.

Genre: Mystery with a side of Romance
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3/15 published
Instagram: @rachelonepisode

A fatal car accident saddles you with a ghostly presence and the obligation to solve a murder. Do you and your friends have any chance of catching a killer?

I am open to doing R4Rs if anyone is interested!

Thank you for this thread! :white_heart:

Here is my story:

Title: Chasing Stars
Author: @annaw.stories
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: Currently 4, more coming soon
Description: Having a celebrity brother sounds fun, doesn’t it?
Can you keep up with all the drama around him and most importantly, can you stay away from his hot best friend?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5048983934402560

@orangeweedie I really liked the story! Good job! Also, ty I did the cover myself hehe

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Here’s mine, love!
insta @simpxzee_
TITLE- Awoken
Genre- Fantasy, drama
Chapters so far -7
Plot- Awoken from a 200 years curse, Blaze finds himself battling between revenge and his growing feelings for the one who holds nothing but hatred for him. Will he end his millennium-long battle and find love along the way or lose everything trying?

Link- http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5489696718389248