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Title - LDR: Stars on land
Story description - Your LDR boyfriend suddenly disappeared. Its like he never existed. But you met him in an unexpected situation. With that you started liking a man you never liked.
instg : @sia_the9

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: LDR: Stars on land

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The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Dying for You

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Annie led a busy life as a loved pop star. Little did she realise that she was about to be dragged into a nightmare, the likes of which could not have entered her wildest dreams!
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@SIA121 Looks so interesting, definitely on my list to check out!

@JasminaH I really like the concept of the story! Definitely captures attention, and you have such an amazing cover! Can ya tell me how you or someone made it :hushed:

A good friend of mine did the cover for me and honestly I got no idea how she made it

@JasminaH It looks stunning, you have the right person to do it because the art definitely brings in attention to people which gives reads!! Good job haha

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Title: Stay Forever
Author: Junaha
Instagram: @episode_jun
Style: Limelight
Status: Ongoing (10 chapters released)
Customization: Full customization of both Mc and Li
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5087044710891520
Description : When the future heir of Cosa Nostra falls in love with his target , the daughter of an FBI agent, all hells break loose. Will there love be strong enough to last against the differences of their worlds or will they be caught in the crossfire awaiting them ? P:s Get ready for an emotional ride

Stay safe and do let me know if you like it :heart::heart:

My story has released Season 2!!!
I know I got off schedule with updates but I am finally getting back to normal👍🏻

Title: Swapped!

Author: Vic_Creations

Genre: Comedy

Style: Limelight

Current season: Season 2

Description: Evie and Ash were enemies. But hey, don’t they say people bond over a common problem? Well that’s true in the case of Evie and Ash. A ghost from their past informs them they must undo the wrongs of their past lives, to please the God of punishment! Who knew they were the reincarnation of hitmen? But… their genders are swapped by the god of punishment to make things harder for them… So, they must adapt to the other gender life and undo the wrongs of 2 criminals, Man I thought exam week was hard! Can they do it??


Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5696630616686592


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