I will remove stuff from backgrounds (No Credit Needed)

I will remove stuff from background if anyone needs me to. If there is a background you like but you want clean walls or something removed off a table, I’ll do it. No credit needed as I’m only taking away things. :relieved:

An example is I removed the giant window from this episode background. I try my best to get it clean.


Gosh, the room looks so much smaller without the window.

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Hey! Thank you for this! If you are able to, I’d love it if you’d edit the window closed in this image.


Edit: Oh shoot sorry I read it wrong! Ignore mee

can I request an empty INT. DRESS SHOP2 - DAY
It dosent need to be completely empty I just need a space to place some hangers. so like a single zone is all I need, if can do it, I would be really gratefull

Zone 2 looks neater.


that looks amazing, thank you very much. you sure you dont want credit for it?

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You don’t have to :slight_smile:

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