I will Review your books



Hi everyone. All authors can understand that when you’ve just started writing a book it is hard to get reads. It hard for anyone to find your book over the so many amazing ones out there. Your book could be a hidden gem just sitting there on the shelf that people are unaware of. So here we can all post about our books, put them out there in the world so people know what to read next.

This is my book

name: Something about us
genre: Romance
style: Ink
author: Jessica Davies
link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5340593392058368
quick summary: Kylie thought moving half way across the country was hard, not until she met Tristan Wells did she know that her life would be changed forever.

Please read my book then send me a screenshot for proof. Send that picture to me, then I will read yours and give a detailed review.


Oh hey, I read part of your story. I have mine already being reviewed by someone, but you can read it if you want. It’s called: Cinderella’s Tale: Twisted Endings - And by the way, people on episode call them stories, not books. Here’s the screen shot:


Ok thanks for reading mine, I will read yours when my passes have refilled. And people in different countries call them different things :slight_smile:in my country we usually call them books


Oh haha, that explains some things. You have good english! I didn’t even know!


Thank you :slight_smile: