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Hey everyone,

If you’re a new author looking for an honest review, then you’ve come to the right place :blush:

About the review:
In this review, I’ll focus on mainly the plot and directing unless you want something else reviewed. Also, please be patient if I don’t get out your review quick, I’ll do my best :ok_woman:t2:

I would never dream of talking negatively about your story. If there is anything I notice that needs to be improved, I’ll mention it! You don’t have to necessarily agree with my reviews. Warning: I’m nitpicky so I will point out even the smallest things. My review will also be quite brutally honest because I’m not very good at sugarcoating things :sweat_smile:

You don’t have to do anything for me in return but if you would like to read my story, you can find it at the bottom of this post! I’d be so grateful :heart:

If you would like a review
If you would like a review, reply with the following details:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. LINK
  4. Public or private review (I’ll do a public review if its not specified :ok_woman:t2:)
  5. How many episodes you want me to review (I’ll read one episode if it’s not specified, max - 3 episodes)
  6. Besides directing and the plot, would you like any thing else to be reviewed? (Specify please :blush:)
  1. @beckybee.episode [Extra: Grammar] :heavy_check_mark:
  2. @Forever1201 :heavy_check_mark:
  3. @Arietes [Extra: Character development] :heavy_check_mark:
  4. @Faith.episode.cats [Extra: Character development] :heavy_check_mark:
  5. @josiej8 :heavy_check_mark:
  6. @Madhu [Extra: Grammar] :heavy_check_mark:
  7. @Penelope1 :heavy_check_mark:
My Story

Title: Identical
Genre: Mystery
Description: Violet has only lived a perfect life. But that perfect life is built on a dark secret. Will that secret stop her at a chance at love or will it ruin everything?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5565579763974144


Hi! Thanks for this thread! I’d love if you can review my story :purple_heart:

Description: Tragedy comes along when Raina’s sister returns. Facing a series of scenarios & decisions she never thought of, forgiveness and self-discovery will be learning. But, at what cost?

Review: Private pls.
Episodes: 3
Other review thing: I don’t know if you can help me with my grammar. My mother tongue is not English.

Thanks!! :two_hearts:
I’ll check your story! (:

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Title of the story: The Nerd Of The Bad Boy

Author of the story: Kit Kat

Description of the story: Christa dosen’t have and an easy life. Everyday she gets bullied at school. Everything seems against her. The people who actually cares for her is her family and her best friend. But what happens when tutoring the bad boy ends up a rollercoaster of events and surprises? Will she take it all or break and give up?

Cover of the story:

Link of the story:

Can you read all my chapters of possible?

And It’s up to you private or public

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Thank you for this thread! :two_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Title: Translate my Heart

Description: After running away from your ex-husband you find yourself moving to a new country with the man you truly love & your best friends. But can you really run from the past?

Public review is fine

Could you read all 3 of my chapters?

Besides directing & the plot, I would like to know if my characters seem to be flat/lacking depth?

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Hey thanks for this review
Title- You are my sunshine (limelight)
Description: Having a learning disability is hard for Samantha until she meets Nick her sunshine! Will Nick help her overcome her disability or be a disappointment to her? CC is limited.
Style- limelight
Can you pm my review
Can could you read all 9 episode
Besides the plot i want your honest feedback and it my story interesting does it caught the reader attention and the characters and personalities and directing as well.

I also have a ink version if you don’t mine you can review that one as well if not the first one is fine but here is ink version


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Hey, you can review mine if you want. Nitpick away, I’m a perfectionist.
Second Chance - The Beginning

A short spin off story to the main one: Second Chance. Dive into the character’s past and see what secrets they harbour.


Public Review please.

13 Episodes (if you’re have time to read the whole thing, it’s a short story)

Besides directing and the plot, would you like any thing else to be reviewed?
I think that’s all you need to review I guess.


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Here’s mine hun. I would love a review.

  1. title - Remnant Past LL
  2. Description: Lucy’s life takes a drastic turn after an incident that occurred in the past. Sent to New York, she tries to adjust to her new self but that proves difficult. Very difficult.
  3. LINK : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4667930276331520
  4. Public or private review (I’ll do a public review if its not specified :ok_woman:t2:) : Public
  5. How many episodes you want me to review (I’ll read one episode if it’s not specified, max - 3 episodes) 3
  6. Besides directing and the plot, would you like any thing else to be reviewed? (Specify please :blush:) Maybe grammar too.
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Please review my story titles:
-1)Can I Catch a Break
-2) Penelope
-3)K & T : Talent School
Read the first chapter and if it is not interesting you don’t have to finish it. Thanks!

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Story: Translate my Heart
(Anything blurred out might be a spoiler so don’t read it if you haven’t read this story).


-The description of the story caught my attention right away, great job!
-I like the sound of the plot (reminds me of a Wattpad story :joy:) but I think the way you wrote it really does fit the Drama genre.
-I absolutely love how you end every chapter with a cliffhanger.

Character Development [Extra]:
-MC: I think her character was portrayed perfectly! Especially with all the flashback scenes to explain how she was feeling in the present (I really liked these scenes.)
-Nathan: Not that many comments on Nathan currently but I would like to know more about his personality (At the moment, there is not much to him except that he cares very deeply for the MC - I would like to know why in the future).
-Relationship between MC and Nathan: I found their relationship in the past confusing because they said that they were best friends but it seemed like they were more (Or maybe it’s just how I saw it).
-Adam & Ryker: Ryker is a great character and Adam too (Is the MC equally afraid of both of them? Right now it seems that she is more afraid of Ryker - If this is what you intended then you can ignore this comment).

-Directing is extremely good except a particular type of scene: Hugging scenes (The flow from walking to hugging the person was not smooth).
-Great choice of overlays! Don’t think I saw any issues with overlays except for the facetiming scene - for a second, the computer appeared on top of the MC.
-Speech bubbles: Sometimes they’re in the wrong place - Either the tail isn’t facing the person talking or the bubble is on top of the screen while the character is at the bottom.

-Punctuation: Missing full stops.
-Grammar: Didn’t spot many errors apart from “Your” and “You’re”.

Overall: I think you’re on your way to a great story! In the case of directing and the plot, it’s amazing! I hope you continue this story :blush:

I hope this review helped! :heart: :ok_woman:t2:

Could I please get a link to your story as well? :blush:

Thanks! this really helps a whole lot :blush:

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Story: The Beginning
(Anything blurred out might be a spoiler so don’t read it if you haven’t read this story).

(This review is up till episode 3).


-I love the choices where we can choose whether the character responds, for instance, shy or sexy or who responds first, I would like to know if the choices affect the ending because if they do, that’s amazing. Your choices are unique in a way because they affect the personality of the character and I am all for it!
-Narration of how the characters feel is great!
-The description of the story didn’t feel related to the actual story itself but that’s maybe because I haven’t read your other story.
-The ending of your chapters are excellent, it makes me want to read more.

-In some scenes, when the character is talking, their mouth isn’t moving.
-Overlay choices are amazing.
-Overlay sizing: Not proportionate to the characters.
-Your speech bubble are all in the right place (which is rare to see), great work!

-Grammar and spelling: I have not spotted a single error up till episode 3, amazing
-Music choice is amazing, it really sets the tone of the story!
-Background characters: Joseph has vampire fangs (That’s not supposed to be there right?), also for character display names, I saw a “Doctor 2” somewhere.

Overall: I think you’ve got the right idea for the plot and the dialogue you have in your story is exceptional but there are quite a few things to fix when it comes to directing. Liking the story so far though! I hope you continue writing :hugs:

I hope this review helped! :heart:

Thanks Hun

With the talking I’m quite limited to some choices so I’m kinda having to be a bit creative.

Yes you must read the other story for it to make sense. But I mean imagination is key.

Sometimes the system messes up the overlays even when I fix it so that’s an episode glitch.

But overall thanks for the review I really appreciate it :+1:t2:

The vampire fangs? Didn’t notice

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Np :heart: Yeah it’s in the start of episode 1, it’s just one character that has the fangs though.

I’ll leave it, call it a comedy moment don’t wanna piss people off by them having to read everything again

Story: Remnant Past
(Anything blurred out might be a spoiler so don’t read it if you haven’t read this story).


** Means that this is my personal preference

-The way you bring up her past is really good.
-The romance between your characters are also good and I think your storytelling is alright, not many things to comment on here.
**Personally, the plot is a little too slow for me but that’s just me - Do get other people’s opinions on this

Character Development:
-Lucy: She’s a great character! I love how you tap into her relationship with her family and Roy straight up in the first episode. And that’s great because it does explain why she acts the way she acts most of the time. I also really love the way she reacts when Ryker walks into the classroom (Amazing - Makes me curious about her past). I really love your MC, I’m sorry for mentioning it so many times but I really do
-Ryker: Portrayed extremely well, I lowkey feel scared for Lucy now. :confused:

-I don’t think I’ve seen this in the other stories I’ve read recently but your minigame was super fun to play (The fighting one). Do add in more of those! :ok_woman:t2:
-Overlays: I absolutely love your use of overlays especially with the shower door and the phone screen with the meme.
-Speechbubble: Mostly fine it’s just after a simultaneous zoom and the character talking, the bubble ends up in the wrong place (You can use spotting for the speech bubbles for this).
-Character: Not many errors except for one scene - Character appeared out of nowhere instead of walking onto screen and in one scene, Lucy is thinking to herself but her mouth moves.
** Personally, I think a white transition is enough to suggest a flashback, the reader message “Flashback” is not necessary.

Grammar [EXTRA]:
-Try sticking with the same tenses, most of the mistakes I noticed were because you used words from the past and the present.
-No spelling mistakes :blush:

-Music was used exceptionally well! The music matched every scene perfectly!
-I didn’t notice any spelling or mistakes, great job!
-The length of your chapters were just right, not too long, not too short.

Overall: I think your story is amazing! Just a few things need to be fixed in directing but other than that, your character and plot is great! Please continue writing :heart:

I hope this review helped! Even though I think your story is pretty good already :heart: :ok_woman:t2:

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tysm hun it means a lot i am glad u enjoyed reviewing it. I will fix the mistakes asap. ty again.

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Story: Can I catch a break
(Anything blurred out might be a spoiler so don’t read it if you haven’t read this story).


I’ve only read one episode of your story, here’s the review!
** Means that this is my personal preference

-I wasn’t sure what to expect from the story description, there was not a strong link between the description and the story itself.
-The plot is simple and easy enough to understand.

-At times, characters are talking but their mouths aren’t moving, character expressions also don’t match what they’re feeling.
-Basic directing is alright, if you would like to step it up a notch, you can start experimenting with advanced directing!

-Grammar: I didn’t see that many grammar errors except for “You’re” and “Your”, good job!
-Spelling: No mistakes, amazing :ok_woman:t2:
**This comment may just be for me but I would prefer abbreviations such as “omg” to be written in full.
-Punctuations: Missing full stops, question marks should be used after a question.
-I think you should read the episode content guidelines on what can be included in an episode story (Some of the words used are supposed to be censored but was not in your story).

I haven’t read much to say a lot but I think your plot is alright so far, the only thing I would suggest is to start experimenting with advanced directing because it can really take your story up a notch! Keep on writing :heart:

I hope this review helped! :blush: :heart:

Thank you!

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