I will review your story if you review mine

Hello episode users.
I believe I could do an eye for eye scenario but instead - a story for a story, you read my story and I will read yours. you can follow me on instagram and dm your link to your story or you could post it on here.
I also just uploaded a story called - read my mind. You can find it in the romance category. There is only three chapters so far but it will be continued.
here is the link and it is also on my instagram page @ episode.readmymind
The best way to reach me with your story is via. Instagram. I hope to read some amazing stories soon! thank you <3

Hi I will read your story if you read mine! But first what kind of stories do you like to read and what you don’t? I like to know what my readers perferences are.

Hello Rahdia, I’m a sucker for a romance but I also love action but to be honest I will read any story! Sorry to reply so late! I hope that helps and I will read your story - could you post a link or do you have an Instagram to where the link is in the bio?

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Ok it’s fine. I have a lot of stories published but first I will let you read the first one I’ve ever written.

Title: Mothers
Bio: Parker and Ellie live very different lives but that changes when they find out that they are pregnant. The two decide to live with one another. Can they put their differences aside to find out what it truly means to be mothers?
LINK: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6119235701178368

BTW: There’s also the sequel to this story as well. Also feel free to read any more of my stories if you like. I have the same name in the episode app.

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