I will try to guess your personality!

Hey guys!
So a long time ago, I opened a thread called ‘What are you favorite genres?’ with a poll in it. When I was bored, I tried to guess people’s personalities and I found it very fun!

So if you want me to guess your personality, fill this and post bellow.

Username(for organization):
Favourite genre:
Favourite season:
Favourite book:
Favorite colour:
Do you believe in fate?:

And of course others can try to guess it!

Reactions on my guessing:


Username: Dramaqueen
Favourite genre: Drama
Favourite Season: Where I’m from we don’t consider things summer, spring etc
Favourite Book: Don’t read a lot, but I read Goosebumps
Favourite Colour: Blue
Do you believe in Fate: Yes, I do

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Username: RainbowCat
Favourite genre: Romance
Favourite season: Spring
Favourite book: Night School (and) Library of souls
Favorite colour: Red/Yellow/Black
Do you believe in fate?: Kind of.

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Oof, interesting!
I think you’re a nice person who wants something bigger to happen in her life. You don’t have a lot of friends and you’re more of an introvert person.

It’s really short, but how close am I? :sweat_smile:

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I’m kinda an intro and extrovert( I think everyone kinda is), friends a few, so I would say you pass, nice job

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You’re cheerful person with a lot of friends and they really value you. They might not show it, but they do. You’re really kind and sweet person and you have quite a lot of friends.

How close am I? :grin:

Not really close, I only have one friend and I can’t keep my friends for a long time (a friendship that last longer than a year is a wonder for me) I’m the most introverted person in real life and maybe kind but nobody know because I never say anything :sweat_smile: :joy:
But I like how you guessed my personality!

Hehe should probably add some more questions :joy:
I suggest you go talk to people and at least try to make friends, once people get to know you, they will like your company!

Username: HermanEpisode
Favourite genre: Horror or mystery
Favourite season: Autumn
Favourite book: Jackaby or Variant
Favorite colour: Black (and red)
Do you believe in fate?: Sometimes

You’re a smart and mysterious person and you’re quite ambitous. Sometimes you can be abit annoying, but at the end of the day, you’re a great friend.

How close am I? :grin:

You’re pretty spot on. Not sure if I’m quite ambitious, but I’ll go with it anyways ^^

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Username(for organization): Willowbean
Favourite genre: anything really thriller/drama romance/fantasy
Favourite season: Autumn
Favourite book: dunno
Favorite colour: Dark Blue
Do you believe in fate?: Kinda

You have quite a lot friends. You can’t concentrate on one thing and have a lot of different ideas. People can trust you and count on you. You might be a bit hot-headed sometimes.

How close am I? :grin:

Kinda. Minus the friends thing(or any ha)
And ppl being able to count on me is debatable x3
Still fun idea do more of these ^^

Username (for organization): LI05
Favourite genre: Fantasy/Mystery
Favourite season: Fall
Favourite book: Idk
Favorite colour: Blue
Do you believe in fate?: Kinda

Oh, thank you!

The thing is I’m surrounded by two kinds of people - social and antisocial. I don’t know much about other types of people, and you really don’t seem so introverted like me!

You’re a loyal person and quite a dreamer. You think a lot and go out quite a lot. You’re a calm person and you don’t get angry from stupid reasons.

How close am I? :grin:

Lol everyone is putting kinda for fate :joy:

I don’t go out a lot haha i like to stay in my cozy bed. and i say i do get angry for stupid reasons but i just dont express it xD

Online apperances are deceptive x3

Username (for organization): WinterMoon05
Favourite genre: Comedy/Drama
Favourite season: Spring
Favourite book: The Sun Is Also A Star (and more)
Favorite colour: Blue
Do you believe in fate?: Kinda.

-I’m scared lol. :see_no_evil: