I will try to guess your personality!


some what accurate :+1:
I actually love being busy and enjoy having to do things. But besides that, Good job!!! :smiley:


Username: Lizard (you could also look up one centimeter too lmao)
Favourite genre: Anything that’s not hetero romance… horror and thriller are different sides of the same coin but I like em both as well.
Favourite season: winter, since that’s my birth season, but I like summer weather-wise more since I was born on the southern hemi.
Favourite book: The Martian (only found out about it through school because I don’t read much), I Hate Fridays (it’s australian and funny as fuck), and most comic books, mostly anything that’s not dc or marvel Favorite colour(s): red and black
Do you believe in fate?: somewhat… anytime I see someone capitalize on it though, I take it with a grain of salt


Username ShanniiWrites
Favourite genre: Fantasy! Both High Fantasy and Low Fantasy.
Favourite season: Summer - although this one was really difficult. Autumn is really pretty and all the cute baby animals are walking around in spring!
Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! (It was either that or The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King)
Favorite colour: Teal :smiley: (followed by purple)
Do you believe in fate?: Nope! We’re all in charge of our own destinies!


You’re not very introvert and you like to explain things to people you know well. You like things to go as planned. You enjoy life and don’t have big plans for future.

How close am I?

At first, I meant to copy everything at the beginning. And I note it.


You’re organized person. You enjoy good planned things and like to have everything planned yourself. We could say you’re quite a perfectionist.

How close am I? :see_no_evil:


Wow, you should do this kind of thing for money!
Very accurate, I’m impressed


Username (for organization): zoe4564
Favourite genre: Romance and Comedy
Favourite season: Summer
Favourite book: The Lunar chronicles
Favorite colour: Purple
Do you believe in fate? Somewhat


You’re a bit unsure about life, but you like to enjoy it. You like funny people and like to have attention. You like adventures, and you think your time to prove yourself will come soon.

How close am I? :see_no_evil:


Quite close actually! I’m quite artsy, so sometimes organisation goes out the window. Plus, I have dyspraxia, which can make it difficult to organise things, but you’re right about me 75% of the time :joy:


pretty close that’s unbelievable I’d say maybe 72-91% close


You’re amazing at guessing personalities ; )


Thanks :grin:
Guess this is my secret power 🤷


You’re supportive person, but you like your heart beaten up. You like to hang out with your friends, but not just talk. More like cinema nights, days out… People might not always consider you as friend, but at the end you mean a lot to them.

How close am I? :see_no_evil:


Hmm… This looks fun :grin:

Username: AllyJay
Favourite genre: Adventure
Favourite season: Spring
Favorite book: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Favourite colour: I love all colors.
Do you believe in fate?: Somewhat. I could talk about it for hours; I don’t think I can answer this with a yes or a no.


Username: Caticorn
Favourite genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Favourite season: Fall
Favourite book: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
Favorite colour: Purple
Do you believe in fate?: Yes


Username: @leslie1230
Favourite genre: Romance
Favourite season: Winter
Favourite book: The Selection Series
Favorite colour: Blue
Do you believe in fate?: Definitely


Username (for organization): SilverStar
Favourite genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Sci-fi
Favourite season: Winter
Favourite book: 幽灵王子 (you ling wang zi) (I have so manyyyy and this is just one of them)
Favorite colour: Silver, White, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple etc
Do you believe in fate?: I believe in fate 50% and don’t believe in fate 50%


Username: Annieways
Favourite genre: Comedy, Drama
Favourite season: Summer
Favourite book: Animal Farm by George Orwell
Favourite colour: Yellow
Do you believe in fate?: Yes


Username (for organization): AddieAhogey ahoge is a strand of hair on anime char’s heads
Favourite genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Favourite season: ???
Favourite book: ???
Favorite colour: Black, Purple, Red
Do you believe in fate?: maybe idfk


Username ana.banana
Favourite genre: comedy
Favourite season: autumn and when there is lots of rain, the more thunders the better
Favourite book: i dont have one
Favorite colour: i like all colors together, colors alone are boring
Do you believe in fate?: yes i do but i also believe we can change our fate