I will write a new story can some people send me their character if u want to be in

Hi I will write a new story and I have no more idea for my character so if u want your character to be in send me their info!


Is it in ink or LL


Do u want to be in?

Ooh yass!

Ok give me the info of your character

Hi there! I’d love to appear in the story!! What will be the name?
Here are my details:
mm's ll details

What’s the name of your character?
And for the name of my story it will be: New people

I usually use MM as the name… but you can change if you want

Ok MM is it a nickname?

Yes! They’re actually my initials haha

:joy: omg I Lowkey can’t find my details :joy: hold on

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Nice so what name do you want me to give her?


Feel free to change her shirt since the outfit is a little revealing :sparkling_heart:

Ok thx

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Idk Maddie is fine


How old is she?

How old is she

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