I wish Episode had more stories like the stories in Choices

Now before you get all defensive hear me out… I like the plot lines in Choices because they are mature, diverse (seriously Choices is amazing with diversity) and unique. There is something for everyone there not just teenage girls. I like how Choices has stories that go beyond clichés and how they explore different storylines that we don’t get to see much of. For example, the cowboy story is so unique and the now their Monaco story looks super interesting. Also the Courtesan of Rome is also super unique idea like we barely see this type of stuff on Episode!! Another example is Desire and Decorum like I hardly ever see Period style stories but Choices has it. Episode mostly has clichés such as high school stories which I honestly can’t stands because high school is not like how it is portrayed in stories or mafia/gang leader/ werewolf stories are super cliched as well and there’s way too many of these stories on Episode. I like how Choices is also catered to young adults not just high schoolers and I wish we saw more of that in Episode


I actually play both Episode and Choices and to be honest, I feel like when it comes to overall maturity, character development and general premise and storylines, Choices is far superior to Episode. The only reason why I find myself coming back to Episode is because of the few truly decent stories done by the users like Instant Princess, Adrenaline, Bisexual Bachelorette and Austentatious amongst others.

Woot more Choices players! I definitely agree that Choices has better stories than Episode. But I like reading the user stories on Episode since the featured stories can get pretty boring.

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