I wish I could make my own edits so I can stop kissing asses of editors who are rude and snobby


It seems like requests are never open no matter what for decent editors. So does anyone know how to make your own edits?


Well who did you request from before


Closed for review




:joy::joy::joy:. What do you mean by your own edits? Like giving them makeup or like relining them and stuff?


If you need help making your own, there are tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. On YouTube, I’d suggest watching Nightys videos, they’ve helped me a lot. (This is if you mean like, drawing your own) And on Instagram, there’s an account called @epitutorials I think :thinking:


Yeah! epitutorials is awesome for starting out with edits!! Also if you look up ibis paint x tutorials they give tutorials that aren’t related to episode but can help when you go to make edits on the characters!


Yeah! Plus, if you look around on Instagram, some editors have tutorials on how they make certain things, like hair, lips, eyes, etc. And if you’re looking for an app, I’d also suggest ibisPaint x.




So you think that editors don’t have their requests open because they’re rude and snobby?


Well, some of them can be, (not saying you or really anyone here! Just saying that some can be like that) maybe they haven’t found the right editors? :woman_shrugging: But a lot of editors close their requests because a) they get overwhelmed and b) some people are extremely rude.


Hmm, there may be some but I’m pretty sure the majority either:

  1. Are sick of ungrateful people.
  2. Feel that they have no freedom and are being told what to draw/edit.


Yes! I completely agree with that, because a majority of editors get so much disrespect, with all the people stealing their work and being extremely ungrateful, petty, and rude, not giving credit, and sadly, a lot more.


Yes definitely, agreed.


So, just keep that in mind, before calling all editors rude and snobby. I admit, there are the select few, but most close their requests because of the reasons above.


Preach :raised_hands:t2:

And @imaginarywinter if that’s the attitude you have towards editors, I’m not surprised people aren’t jumping at the chance to make you an edit to be quite honest.


I don’t show any attitude towards them mainly because I can’t even be allowed to request in the first place because they only do it for big authors and I can’t commission them either because its not allowed. so i’d rather make my own edits instead of waiting months for a decent cover


That’s not true. I’m an editor and I do it for anyone for free


Wow that is actually really not true, editors do not at all only make edits for big authors! I am making art scenes for my friend’s story that is not even published yet, and she is by no means a big author! I make edits for people who motivate me and people who make me feel good about myself. Do you know how long an edit can take? Hours. Sometimes even days! You need to stop grouping editors together and saying they do edits for only big authors to get recognised, because it’s simply not true, people do edits for things they want to do edits for. Smh I think you really need to change your outlook, and if I was one of the editors whose arse you kiss, I wouldn’t make you one either. Smh.


Lmao, also not true, I used to have requests open, I closed them because of ungrateful people and people like you to be honest.