I wish it was possible for INK to more updates

Hey guys!

I love INK and I really think that even though it’s not our current style, it’s still awesome and deserves more updates! These days, I feel like INK isn’t getting enough love and it deserves just the same amount of love as LL.

Ya feel me?


yo I feel you sister… :pensive::pensive::pensive:


They can’t update INK anymore

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A lot people still love ink, but here’s what Liz said

True, I wish there was a way to make it work, though…

Ik and it’s so sad

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Support, I get that limelight is the most popular ( I use limelight) but I still think it’s unfair to the people who use ink

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I think all the INK fans wish this :grin: :heart_eyes:

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