I wish to go back!


I’m in big trouble here… Currently, I’m working on Season 1 of Demi Lovato Path of Fame. I’m recording my own playthrough so that I will be able to see the progress I made. However, apparently the record button wasn’t on when I played through an episode, so it was never recorded and there’s no going back :cry: I think that you should be able to rewind a little bit, say in my situation or if you accidentally press on the wrong choice you were going to make. It’d also be great if you were able to see the final product of what you’ve done so far. Also, why are you only allowed to have 5 replays? I also accidentally sometimes on other stories forget to do something on my avatar (for example, the first time when I played I Married a Prince, I forgot to make my hair black). My life is full of mistakes, so yeah :sweat: I have a bunch of useless replays that I just want to delete but I see no delete option. At least let us restart the entire the first chapter. PLEASEEEE :frowning_face:




Hi! This section of the website is for feedback about the forums website, not the Episode App. But this feature request asking for the ability to rewind may be of interest to you! Closing :v:t2: