I would like a partner for my story or anything else (art,edits,splashes..ect)

If anyone would want to be my partner in writing my story or doing art ,splashes, edits and more
I would like like to find one :blush:

I would like to help you!
Do you already have an idea for the story or what genre it’s going to be?

Yes I have a few episodes out already I just feel like I need a partner to help me with everything and some input
So just a regular partner that will help with everything and be there

Can you send me a link of the story so that I can read the first episodes?


A friend of mine just told me she is going to write a story, so I won’t be able to help you, I’m really sorry and I hope you can find someone else xx

It’s perfectly fine
Both of y’all have fun! xx

Sounds exciting! I be happy to art and/or edits for you!
All I would need are characters/descriptions, a theme, and the genre of the story!

great! so the genre is fantasy a description for the story would be Mika (mc) is a supernatural being that doesn’t know what she is yet and is still figuring her life out

some of the main characters would be Kyle (big brother) Jax (love interest) Kylie (best friend) and a few more

Sounds good! Any special traits about Mika, Kyle, or Jax?

Mika doesn’t know what she is yet that’s later in the story then kyle is a werewolf
jax is a demon

Amazing! Any specific colors you’d want to use?

purple, black , red just darker colors

Sorry for the delay, I have multiple edits to do however yours should go faster

That’s great! Thank you