I would like a story cover made please (closed)

Hey I have a idea for a story cover that I would like done, it is of a cityscape but on one of the high rise buildings I would like an open flower to bloom at the top of the building… with my main mc in the middle, I would like 2 versions one with the mc and one without.

The cityscape to be black & white plus grey and the flower and the MC in colour.


If you don’t already have someone doing it, i’d Try it.

Example. (In case):

U can go here :blush::

hey, but wouldn’t that count it as a double post?


would you do the whole drawing? I don’t know where golden went?

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I could make the character, the background has got me confused though.

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Oh okay

You can do it and youcan take the credit for the whole thing…

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What pose do you want MC in or is there a custom pose?

What do u mean?

How would I credit you?

Hold on, im gonna delete this post, im sorry if you have started already.

It’s alright