I would like a writting partner


I have ideas and characters and I’m all over the place. .my story is alright but it could be better it’s only three short chapters so far because I’m learning as I create. Scripting is a little bit of a challenge so I welcome anybody and everybody that wants to help. :blush:


I can help


Cool I’ll tell you all the details later today cause it’s 2:09 in the am where I am. Thank you for your help in advance.


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If you want I can help too, even tho someone else has replied. I can still look over ideas etc. I’d love to help if I can x


If you want I can help!


OK so my story is an urban twist on the Greek Olympian Aphrodite . My Aphrodite doesn’t have kids and she was forced into her imortal life because her mother past away and she was forced to take on the role of the keeper of hearts (she makes married people stay married).


Can y’all help me with that. I can give y’all some more of the story and the characters if you like


I wrote the basics of the story down on this page. Any characters you want to add or change you can.


That sounds so good omg lol


Sure, lol I always wanted to create a story like that but never had the time :joy:


Thank you


Thank you


Do y’all want someone of the story


Do you have any characters in it?


Yes I have characters there is Jordan who is Aphrodite’s brother’s wife. She is one of the main. Characters she’s an Olympian but she didn’t or doesn’t know it depending on how you guys want to change the story. There’s. Albell he’s old and evil, Aphrodite of course,Brick and Crusher are Aphrodite’s enforcers,Claire is the woman that raised Jordan,Leena is Jordan’s best friend and is a Valkyrie,Mark Flin is best friend to Terry Adonis (Jordan’s husband Aphrodite bro) ,Noah is Jordan’s brother, Spirit is Jordan’s other best friend also a Valkyrie ,Terry Adonis ,Jordan and Terry’s baby don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, And then I also put myself in the story as a live narrator. Those are all characters so far.


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