I would like an art scene any one up to it?


Hey everyone, I am writing a romance story and I was wondering if anyone was up to making a scene of a daughter holding her mother in her hands while she is hurt from a car accident? I can send you more details if you are interested! Thank you!




Episode Diamonds would be happy to make you one here is our art scene examples



Great thank you so much! So if I send you a picture of the two caracter you could do it?




Is this photo okay?


what would you like them doing


Is it possible for you to have the one on the left holding the one on the right in her arms while sitting on the ground?




Okay thank you so much! Just a heads up I am going on vacation Thursday into Monday so if you could just post the art on this chat that would be fantastic! Once again thank you so much!




Do you have there deatils like hair and stuff


do you mean this stuff
left- daughter
hair: chestnut and straight
skin: olive
face: soft heart
mouth: blossem mocha
eyes: upturned bold and blue
eyebrows: suductive arch
nose: button
right- mother
hair: classic bob auburn
skin: light
face: soft heart
mouth: classic
eyes: round classic green
eyebrows: meidium curved
nose: celestial


Some extra details to help out might be, to make the daughter extremly upset maybe even have her have one hand holding her mother and the other covering her mouth with tears falling down her cheek. As for the mother have her look almost completly lifeless and exhausted. And since the accident is a car accident you could maybe do some scratches and cuts or maybe some torn clothing please.


Just wanted to say please do not be rushed to get this done bye a dead line I just asked for it ahead of time for my next episode. And sorry if I seem really annoying lol!


Sorry to keep bugging just want to show you a necklace that I would like to be on the daughter (one on the left) please.


@linalilly10 Hey I just wanted to make sure that I don’t have to request this anywhere else or do I have to?




Okay! Again thank you so much!


@linalilly10 just wondering when the art scene will be done I am an epiode away from when I need it? And please don’t rush!