I would like help in outfits

I keep getting stuck on outfits like they randomly happen sometimes I know what I make my character wear sometimes I am just clueless so can anyone help me with that?

I currently am stuck with:
1- limelight female PJ’s
2- Bad Boy outfits


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@higgy_wiggy :kissing_heart:

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What do you mean by getting stuck? Can you send a screenshot of your script?

no I just don’t know what shall I make the character wear that would fit what I have in mind. Like I feel all pj’s are for Christmas and I don’t want my PJ to be winter themed so any outfit ideas?

I can help! I’ll make some examples now.

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ok great! waiting for you :laughing:

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I’ll make the outfits and send a picture to you? If you like them, I’ll send the details, is that okay? xx

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If you ever get stuck again, you can check out my thread:

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wonderful thanks!

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@Rand.Episode how are these?




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awesome!! thank you very much!

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you’re welcome!! :smile::two_hearts:

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