I would like partner plz

Hello everyone! I am the author of Dreams Of A Fashion Designer on episode and it currently has 6768 reads. I really want to make another story but, I am so stuck because I have no ideas… So I am looking for a writing partner.

Preferences -
:heart: 13 or older
:heart: Has clean ideas
:heart: At least a little bit of experience of writing on episode
:heart:Easy to work with
:heart:On Eastern Standard Time Zone
:heart:A girl (duh)

The catergories I work best in are: drama, romance, and action.
I hate horror. (Sorry for all the horror fans…)
And if someone has a non magic or spirtistic idea for fantasy I would be open to it.

You can contact me at my instagram- @kaliyahwrites


Hello! I’m Briar, and I’m willing to help you out, don’t worry! Message me if you’re interested!


Okay great! Do you have a instagram?

If you do have a instagram message me at: @kaliyahwrites

I am actually looking for people to join my writing group. I met all your preferences. PM me, if interested

I am all of the above

And i work quickly and have an irregular days so i cand spend hours on here at a time lets just say my time is more then flexible

Hey! Do you have a group already formed or are you starting one?

What ideas do you have?

I don’t have insta because my account got deleted but we could either talk here (messages), or Discord. Text me back when you made up your mind for one particular person. :slight_smile:

Our group is still looking for members before we begin.

i want to join i can help

Hey @nerdybird and @jaylen_dwight you guys can team up together! I am no longer looking for a partner right now.