I would like someone fedback on my story and would like to know your thoughts on which genre it should be in

Hi guys, its me AGAIN i have asked people on here to read my story quiet a few times and I have improved on it after i have taken on there fedback. I would really like someone who can read my story again a fresh pair of eyes i guess and see if theres anything that i can improve on ETC, I also not sure which genre to put my story into PLEASE HELP!!! :confused:


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can’t use the link, it will say I don’t have permission

Hiya, thats very odd not sure as too why? here it is again


probably beacuse I’m logged in on my own account. can you share the story link?


sorry i think i gave the wrong link :confused: (div I am)

Could you check out mine too pls don’t be angry :no_mouth: