I would Like someone who can read my story and give me fedback


Hi guys, this is my first story ever!
basically I know what the story is gunna be but sometimes its hard to put it pen to paper or in this situation finger to laptop LOL :smiley:
I have asked people before for fedback and i have taken on board what they have said and i feel i have worked really hard to improve on my story but i know deep down it not 100%.
I will not publish it until its complete I feel thats the best thing for me and readers TBH until its 100% to start with i wasnt sure about stage directions i didnt know you could do walk to spot ETC i didnt know you could get the character to walk backwards simple things that could make it look even better so am trying to go back through to redo it, if anyone could help me out that would be great the link is below
thank you :slight_smile:


Hey I would like to check it out!
But I’m on my computer and the link does not work on my computer can you send me the name and cover so I can find it and read it? :slight_smile:


Love to, I’ll do it in a little bit tho


i’ll read the first chapter right now! (i have no more tickets left)


there’s a lot of grammar mistakes, not to be rude. maybe you should get someone to help you look over it and correct those mistakes?


Thank you I will do :slight_smile:


Was it just the spelling? Was there anything else you thought i needed to improve on or anything like that?
What do you think about the story line?
Thanks for taking the time to reading it.
Did it make you wanna read the next chapter besides the spelling mistakes?


i can read it right now and give feedback!! :slight_smile:


Hmm, the plot line was pretty good! Maybe add a few more different twists and scenes, add a few more characters?


Hi thanks for reading my story, which chapter did you get upto? i will add more characters in but i need to be careful as i dont want to change this to much as this there is a massive twist at the end of the story, not really sure what else i can do? i have added pics for each chapters, which i guess say tells you more about the situation, below