I would like to have a writing partner?


I would mostly like one to check to see if there are better ways to use the character’s behaviours. Also, someone who knows how to do the sound and who can help me put in splashes/covers because I don’t know the deal with those lol. Like do I have to get them approved or no? That, or we can just help each other out and also be cameos in our stories! I haven’t made a story for about a year or two, and I just found out that I could create an account on here to get help. Everything is completely different, so I would really appreciate it! Thank you!


Hi my name is Ellie,
and I would be interested in being your writing partner! I know how to use sounds and could help you with splashes and covers. Also you do have to get them approved to make sure they meet the guide lines. If you are interested in what I am saying you can contact me through here or through my insta at episode.ellie_xx as I would love to be your partner.

Ellie xx


I messaged you on your Instagram.


I am actually looking for members for my writing group, if you are interested. All you have to do is fill out this three-question form https://goo.gl/forms/XgZ4p8PUSRxlVAuo2


Same here lets work together?I never created a storybut I want to