I would like to know

Is there a way to have two people talking at the same time with two speechbubbles. I.E. Like twins being asked a question and they are so in synch that they answer at the same time with the same reply.

No. You can only have simultaneous animations not simultaneous speaking.

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Thanks for your quick reponse. Would be nice to have that. Now I need an other alternative to my story. Meaning I have to rewrite that part. Oh well…

Just make an overlay with the word (s) you want and have it appear at the same time as the other character who’s speaking. That’s the best I could say.


@TamiRose, I like the way you think, sweetheart. You so smart. I would have never thought of that. Y’all be killing it on here. Always got the fire advice!!

lol :sweat_smile: glad I could help.

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