I would love art!


Art for me, or either of my (being worked on) stories! All I really want for mine is freckles on my face, purple hair any style, and any purple clothing. Below are the characters!! Feel free to change the hairstyles, clothing, jewelry, or emotions of them!! Both Limelight characters are a couple. The guy and the girl with the braid are a couple. And the girl with the purple hair and the girl with the orange hair are a couple.


Episode Ceativity can!

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Im so confused on what you want done :thinking:


I am saying that I would like art of either myself (for the ending), or art of those people together. The 2 LL people go together, the girl with the braid and the guy go together, and the purple hair girl and the redhead go together. Does that clarify???


I currently am not available to do some, but I can tag some people who are amazing artists!




Thanks for the recommendation but I’m currently to busy to help rn. Sorry!


That’s okay :slight_smile:


Thank you :heart:


If no one else has the job here are some of my examples :smile:


Want me to upload my examples?




Here are my examples so far: (I haven’t rlly done covers yet but i’m excited to get some experience if I’m given the chance!)



I like your characters design and style, and go diversity :fist:t5:.

But are you really sure about the puprle hair’ s lipstick? :thinking: