I would love help with coding and writing!

Hi there! I recently returned to the community after a personal sabbatical, and I am wanting to get back into my writing with a short maybe 8-10 episode story about a romance set in historical Rome, with Gladiators and princesses etc. I have an outline for what I relatively want, and I was a good coder before I left but i’m having trouble getting back into it.

I would love someone to help me to code and if they want they can also help write (as long as they’re okay with editing together)

I have the first episode started and main characters created and i’ll do all of the research on making things as historically accurate as i can but i’d love help with this technical stuff.

Feel free to PM if you want to help​:heart::heart:

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Heyyy, I would love to help you code :blush: :blob_hearts:

I’m looking for a sorta experienced writer to help me write, i’ve begun writing already but its taking a long time because i have to keep googling tutorials on small things. so i kinda just need someone to help me out. if anyone is interested you can email me at hrchatacat@gmail.com and I’ll message you all the deets (also this frorum acc isnt the same as my writing acc for some reason, so I’ll have to give you that too). Can’t wait to work with someone! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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Hi is this paid or free?

Looking for a writing partner :slight_smile:


hello, i am a new creator hoping to make a popular name for myself as we all are. I have many good ideas and am very good at fashion designing with anything im given. im just not that good at writing. so i was looing for a sem-permanent, or permanent writer/coder to help me with my stories.

i would hope to post the episodes off of my account, but if you really love it and feel conneted to it you can post it off of yours but with 50% credits to me as i will be creating and designing the characters and coming up with the episodes/series.

of coarse you can make tweaks to the plot and storylines but i would hope to keep the designing to myself as i pride myself off of my fahsion sills and eye for detail! x

please respond asap if interested.

I am pretty new to this and I am writing my first story myself but I do have some spare time and seem to be so far pretty decent at coding and I don’t mind it so I’m interested

amazing! do you have an episode insta accound or a normal insta account we can communicate on so we dont have to communicate through a public group chat?

Yeah I just finished creating it lol finally got around to it since I’ve been sick

It’s ig: Mirwren.writesepisode

amazing! mine is fashhionnovaa, on insta could you send me a sample of your coding work? x

Really really new to this so I have the intro to my story done but not much of chapter 1 complete but I can show you what I have so far as an example I figured out I learned coding pretty quick when I started writing my story

of coarse! anything you code is guarenteed to be better then mine since i dont know how to code lol. i followed you on insta so im just waiting for a folow back. x


:heart: (free or fee?)

I’m interested to help, what’s your story about? My Instagram is Britney.author.

Sounds like a great story. I hope you find your coding partner!