I would love honest feedback for my drama story “Stand By Me” 😊

Hi everyone. I’m an amateur writer and I recently put out my first episode story. I would love an honest review😊. Thank you for your time! I’m currently at 68 reads.

Title : Stand By Me

Chapters : 5 and counting

Style : Limelight

Genre : Drama

Description : You’re teenagers trying to live a normal life but life isn’t always fair. Troubling pasts, deadly secrets, will they be bliss in each other’s harsh realities?

(Viewers Discretion is advised)

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I love it! I wish there were more stories like this instead of the hundreds of copy cat stories on Episode. I’m tired of the cliches and lack of POC/Diversity. Please don’t stop working on this story :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :sob::sob::sob::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:. I really appreciate your feedback! This story means so much to me #CantStopWontStop :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::dancer:t5:

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