I would love if somebody could make me a splash!

I would like a splash for my upcoming story, If your interested, please comment below or DM me @mml.writes on Instagram for the details. If you have any examples please show me. My story is in INK by the way.

I can make it for you :slight_smile:

Do you have any examples I can see?

I can help here is my examples.

Okay then! I want two but want to give somebody else a chance. If you would like to make a To be continued splash that’d be great!

Ok great!

Do you want details here or do you have an Instagram where I can send you the details?

Send me details on the forums.

if you still need or need another I could do it

So here are the images of the two characters I want with the clothing. The background doesn’t really matter and be sure to put your name somewhere for credit!

Yes, I still need another one!

what do you want on it

Ok thanks!

You know those splashes that’s like the episode intro with the characters? I want one of those please.

like this?

What would you like the splash to say?


can you send me a pic of the characters and what you it to say

Just To be continued . . . and the Title “My Mafia Life”