I Would Love To Make More Friends!


Hey Everyone!
My name is Mili, and although I have quite a lot of friends on Episode/Forums I would LOVE to make more! I create custom backgrounds so feel free to go on my thread whenever you need one too. But if you would like to be my friend, feel free to PM me. Even if you need any help!


sure! i don’t really have friends here tbh lmao


I’m up for making new friends! :upside_down_face:


I’m not good at making friends :upside_down_face:


My name is also Millie


I’m here to make friends. I don’t have any friends lol


Hey! Can’t say no to new friends! I’m not really good with just chatting or PM-ing but I could definitely join to some threads, roleplays or games :slight_smile:


Hiyya I have no friends on here too so I’m kinda lonely :joy:


I don’t have any friends on here so I’m up for making some friends :slightly_smiling_face:


I am quite new to everything here, so I could really need some friends! I was so happy when I found out that we’re in the same art group together, since I was already following you on insta.
You’re so talented! :heart:


I could also be your friend


Heya, I consider Queen a lovely friend and you are a really cool person to talk to so I definitely see you as a forum friend :heart:


Hey there <3 queen is actually a nice friend, and thank you so much you are too!


I think we’re already friends tbh girl


Ah thanks :smiley: :heart:


No problemo


I would love that! :blush:


You needa friend? I’m your girl :wink:


Well then, PM me anytime babe! I’m a bit under the weather atm, and my friends said, “Get off your laptop Mili!” but who am I to listen? :joy: :face_with_thermometer:


Girl, my stomaches been nuts this week so I feel you on the feeling rough side :joy: let’s be sick together haha, I’ll follow your insta now. I go on it more :black_heart: