I would LOVE to review/rate your story


Hello to all the Episode Writers!

My name is Elysant and I would LOVE to read and review your stories. Or if you just want to come in and promote your story without a review let me know as well. I really enjoy reading User Stories but I’m sadly having a hard time finding more to read. I pay for unlimited passes every month so I should be able to read your stories pretty quick!

When I rate out of 5 I look for 5 things.

  1. Directing
  2. Grammar… if there is a little bit of work needed that’s fine but when it’s constant I will not give a point for it.
  3. Characters, are they likeable, do I get attached…etc.
  4. Choices… this is episode after all. Readers want to be able to make choices.
  5. Plot/story line… if it’s an awesome idea for a story and it’s original I will give a point for that as well.

Just need to know
Name Of Story
Authors Name

and I should be able to find it just fine. Otherwise, drop the link.

Thank you <3 <3


HI! my story is called stuck in my screen. you can find a link to my story and social media here



Moved to the Share Feedback section as that’s where review threads live! Carry on :v:t2:


Hey you don’t have to do a full review of my story but letting me know if you liked it or not would be nice! Here’s my link to my story called Stuck in the Middle by Steph if you’re interested:


Hi @Killer0Succubus, I would greatly appreciate it if you could do a review of my story! Here’s a bit of information about my story! If you have trouble finding it let me now! If you do a review could you privately dm me on Episode?

Thanks in advance!

GENRE: Romance/Fantasy
STYLE: Limelight
EPISODES: 3 (Ongoing)
DESCRIPTION: A normal girl life turns upside down when a couple of gods ask her for help. Her objective is to return them to the heavens, but some obstacles may get in the way



Here’s my story:

Author: RudeInception


i love your cover!


The first episode was awesome! It seems like it will be a cool and different story and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the rest of it! I give it a 5/5 so far.

The directing was awesome and it didn’t seem rush for a first episode. The length of it was also really good. I sent you a Direct Message with the only 2 critical things I had to say about it but its SUPER minor that it doesn’t really matter honestly.

Great job! It is added to my favorites so i can continue it once you update it.


thank you so so much!


Sorry, I meant 5/5. I really can’t wait to read more.


Aw thanks :blue_heart:



I agree with @rmtwrites ! Your cover art is awesome!


I won’t give you a full review if you would not like that then. I am starting on your story though!


I don’t mind some reviewing. Just PM that to me if you get the time for it. That’s all I meant. I usually just like to know if people liked it or not. Anyways thank you! :blush:


Of course! I’ll definitely let you know whether I like it or not! So far I enjoy it. I’ll let you know once I am completely done with the episodes you have out :slight_smile:




I would love feedback!
Name of Story: The Most Powerful Scream
Author: CatEyedGoddess


More detailed review I just Directly messaged you but your story has an interesting plot and great directing. Anything else I went into detail with you via messaging.


The Lobita I am finding says the author is EJ Dee is that you? Looks like the same cover art as well


Nevermind! It is you. When I clicked on EJ Dee it came up as RudeInception