I would Need a co writer

I m in need of co wirter who could help me write my firt story

If you are interested comment this post or DM me here.

Edit: I m more writer than coder but I can code a little to. So if anyone are interested just let me know


Hi! Are you a coder or?

Hey i am writing a story and I am also looking for a partner, but please tell me if you are a writer or a coder

I’m a writer :smiley: are you a good coder?

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Im really sorry my abilities with coding are limited, I was able to do an interactive menu though, but have a lot of trouble with a complex choice flags

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If you want we could work together just let me know! I might not be available all the time, because i’m trying to write a story and keep get stuck in places :smiley:

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I posted a thread to find a coder too like a couple of days ago but no one answered, if Im being honest I am very close on giving up because its frustrating to have mistakes but to not be able to see the answer but I can help you with some coding if I know how to do it

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I’ll help you as well. I posted a thread a day ago and no one answered and the. I deleted it. So we can help each other

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Wherever I can help you dont hesitate to ask, I will try my very best to do so, my coding knowledges are way far than yours because I have just trying to code for about 3 weeks to a month maybe and I may seem as a needy person, because my patience is reaching a limit, and I am not sure how long I can manage, but if I can help someone else to finish then I can be a little happy.

I have thirteen days to meet the deadline of the contest and if I am honest without a coder I wont be able to meet it.

Thank you for offering, yes I would love if we can help each other :blush:

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Guys if you are done with your stories I dont’ mind working with you two in the future if you would like

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Hii Kreska,
No worries, I am nowhere near done mine, cant even pass episode 1, and thats too sad, but yes it would be nice to work with you!

I’ll help you write stories and make the characters, I would help with coding. BUT you are definitely way better than I am. Let me know how I can help : )

Of course! like @CarlaMyth (sorry for the tag) i’m not really closed to finished. I just want to get the first three episodes done. Then I might have some time to work with you : )

Here is something that might help you : ) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1tErqkv5Q5IUaVccTXzRAGyFSGD10NwoKK7FQFR86QYM/edit

Cant seem to fix my most important choice, and I am running out of options, have tried a lot of things, that is why it would be incredible to count with a coder but it seems no one willing enough to pair up with me and honestly I dont see the point to keep trying when its way out of my capabilities. But you two count with me for anything I will sincerely try to help you both with whatever you need :blush:

What’s the problem? Maybe I can help. I’m not as experienced on coding but a do know a bit of it. If I can’t figure it out I get find someone who can. Because I also have a bit of a problem with some lines of code

Now for some reason to be able to see it in the previews I need to turn them off and turn them on earlier, I dont know how to fix it or if I should just wipe it out, but its key to the rest of the story so, I made a thread on that and published how the script looks now. Talk in the morning? its 12.30 am here

Nice to meet you Don´t

Yes of course! Sleep well :blush:

I hope that you pass episode 1 and I’m looking forward to working with you.

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