I would need help with an overlay scene!

Hi! I would really need help with an overlay scene.

I have INT. SCHOOL OFFICE OL - DAY and I want to put one character behind and one in front, how do I do that? I would really need help, if anyone can! Thank you :heart:

This works by layering.
There are different layers. The bigger the number, the more front it is.
For example, Layer 4 would be at the front and layer 1 would be in the back.
So for example, I have this background:

And I have an overlay of the brown bar chairs and the bar table.
And I want it to look like this:

So one person standing behind the table, one person on the chair, one person in front.

In this case, the bar man at the back would be at layer 1.
The bar table would be at layer 2
The man sitting would be layer 3
The bar stools at layer 4
The man in front layer 5
You also have to put @overlay in front.
So, something like:
@overlay man1 moves to layer 1
@overlay bartable moves to layer 2
However, it might cause them to do this one by one
The & symbol is useful for having things do the same thing
(e.g &overlay blah moves to layer 4)
However, I don’t remember if you can use it for moving layers

I’m not good at explaining, and I am definitely far from being a good coder, but Dara Amarie is, and she’s super helpful and has a thread that’s super helpful called A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS
Check her out, she’s awesome.

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Thanks! c:

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Solved and closed. :smiley:

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