I wrap my lines back and forth!

Hey Episode Creators!

To add on to our last massive search update, we’ve made an update to story searching! Before you would see something like this:

The font and icons were so big you could only see a couple stories at once and had to scroll to see long story titles.

To make it easier to find the stories you’re working on, we removed the icons and updated the font so you can read the entire story title without a lot of scrolling.

And if you have lots of stories with the same name, like you see in the example above, you can always search using the story ID you find in the URL:

To make sure you find the right one.

While we were updating things that involve a lot of scrolling, we noticed that if you had a really long line in the script editor you would have to scroll to see the end of it. Which means you could never see the whole line at the same time!

So we added line wrapping to make long lines wrap to the next line instead of going out of the screen. Even if you change the size of your window, you’ll always be able to see everything you’re writing!


Happy Writing!

The Episode Team


YES! This was such a huge struggle, so happy that its been fixed!


Omg! Yes! FINALLY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! WOOHOOO!!!:sunglasses::raised_hands:t3:


yes . love this thanks



2019 updates are so amazing! Thank you for making writing a story so much easier :heart_eyes: I love removed tutorials!


I am crying happy tears yaya!

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I think I don’t see the author name next to the profile picture on the writers portal. Glitch? @Liz

Possibly! Can you send a support ticket with screenshot? Thank you!

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np n ok.

Great update! Thank you :heart_eyes:

I didn’t notice this one, it will help a lot with long lines :heart_eyes:

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Thank goodness for the line wrapping. :innocent::rofl:

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Thank you so much!

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Oh wow, your right. I just noticed that.

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Yeah, they will hopefully fix that.

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I love this thread title… Maybe even more than the update itself



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