I wrap my lines back and forth!


At first I was like ‘what fresh hell is this??’ And then I worked on it for 20 minutes and realized how much better this is. Thank you!


Is it just me or when I’m uploading a background or an overlay I only hace to wait for like a minute?


I noticed this today! At first I thought my line had dropped and I couldn’t understand how I would have not had an error, lol. It’s a great feature, so much easier. I use to drop my lines to write in all my overlays, this appears far less painful :smiley:


I didn’t know I needed this until it happened :heart_eyes:


I know right? I noticed it when I was editing and it helped so much. Since I have to make the previewer bigger so that I can see the story better.


Noticed it before I noticed announcement. This is like the best update this year ^^ Huge thank u :sparkling_heart:


This is great! Now I can see the long line of stories I want to delete :rofl:


THANK THE EPISODE GODS FOR THIS! YES YES YES @.@ the best update yet! :heart_eyes:


OMG YES! I noticed the lines update in the portal and just saw this announcement. Thanks for updating this!


I love the new line wrapping feature! I use a lot of overlay animations and advanced directing, so this has helped a lot with keeping track of everything. It’s so convenient being able to see the full line of script all at once.