I write script templates!

I’ve found I enjoy creating script templates more than I do writing entire stories for myself, so if anyone has any script templates they need, please feel free to ask on this thread! Here’s a sample of one I made for another writer, if you would like to see my work:

Background characters are named as follows:
BGF1, BGF2, etc. for female extras
BGM1, BGM2, etc for male extras

YOU = protagonist
MC1 = another main character
MC2 = another main character

@zoom reset
@YOU spot 0.236 -17 440 AND YOU moves to layer -1

@MC1 spot 0.713 174 170 in zone 2 AND MC1 faces right AND MC1 moves to layer 3
@MC2 spot 0.713 267 175 in zone 2 AND MC2 faces left AND MC2 moves to layer 3

@BGM1 spot 0.145 44 438 AND BGM1 faces right AND BGM1 moves to layer -2 AND BGM1 starts nod_loop
@BGM2 spot 0.145 56 440 AND BGM2 faces right AND BGM2 moves to layer -2 AND BGM2 starts idle
@BGF1 spot 0.145 70 441 AND BGF1 faces right AND BGF1 moves to layer -2 AND BGF1 starts talk_arms_crossed_loop
@BGM3 spot 0.145 86 438 AND BGM3 faces left AND BGM3 moves to layer -2 AND BGM3 starts listen
@BGM4 spot 0.145 96 440 AND BGM4 faces left AND BGM4 moves to layer -2 AND BGM4 starts idle_smoking

@BGF2 spot 0.268 151 396 AND BGF2 faces right AND BGF2 moves to layer -2 AND BGF2 starts talk_excited AND BGF1 starts talk_handsonhips AND BGM1 starts flirt_fingersnap
@BGF3 spot 0.268 178 396 AND BGF3 faces left AND BGF3 moves to layer -2 AND BGF3 starts laugh_chuckle AND BGM4 starts eyeroll AND BGM2 starts nod_loop AND BGM3 starts listen

@BGF4 spot 0.364 35 332 in zone 2 AND BGF4 faces right AND BGF4 moves to layer -2
@BGF5 spot 0.364 72 332 in zone 2 AND BGF5 faces left AND BGF5 moves to layer -2
&BGF4 starts talk_arms_crossed_loop
&BGF5 starts shiftweight

@BGM5 spot 0.236 -17 440 AND BGM5 moves to layer 2
@BGM5 walks to spot 0.393 136 320 in 4 AND BGF2 starts talk_gossip THEN BGM5 starts talk_phone_neutral_loop AND BGF3 starts listen

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 1
@YOU walks to spot 0.677 270 204 in 10

&BGF4 is shiftweight AND BGF2 is talk_gossip THEN BGF3 is talk_gesture AND BGF2 is listen

&YOU walks to spot 0.713 104 164 in zone 2 in 3 THEN YOU faces right THEN YOU moves to layer 3
&BGF4 is laugh_giggle AND BGF2 is laugh_guffaw
&MC1 starts talk_flirt AND MC2 starts laugh_chuckle

@pan to zone 2 in 4

&BGM5 walks to spot 0.677 368 188 in 5

&BGF4 starts talk_angry_accuse
&BGF5 starts idle_awkward

&MC1 starts talk_gossip AND MC2 starts flirt_shy

@speechbubble reset

    YOU (talk_greet)
Hey guys!

&zoom on 550 80 to 141% in 15

&BGF4 starts talk_sad_clutch_loop
&BGF5 starts eyeroll

&MC1 faces left AND MC1 is startled_surprised

    MC2 (talk_excited)
Hey, you! What are you doing here?

@BGF6 spot 0.677 368 188 AND BGF6 moves to layer 2
&BGF6 walks to spot 0.528 -34 278 in 4 AND BGF6 does it while walk_talk_phone

&MC1 is idle_happy

&BGF7 spot 0.347 -7 336 AND BGF7 moves to layer -2
&BGF8 spot 0.347 -36 336 AND BGF8 moves to layer -2

    YOU (talk_happy_smile)
I was in the neighborhood! What are you two doing here...
    YOU (think)

&BGF4 starts talk_angry_accuse AND BGF5 starts mortified THEN BGF4 walks to spot 0.364 -20 332 in 2
&BGF5 starts deepbreath

&MC2 is idle_awkward

    MC1 (talk_afraid)
Oh, uh...
We didn't plan this.
    MC1 (talk_awkward)
We just... ran into each other.

&BGF5 walks to spot 0.535 352 239 in 5 AND BGF5 does it while walk_sad

    YOU (talk_handsonhips)
Well, anyway, can I join you?

&BGF8 walks to spot 0.347 26 336 in 3 AND BGF7 walks to spot 0.347 55 343 in 3 THEN BGF7 faces left AND BGF8 starts talk_gossip AND BGF7 starts shiftweight

    MC2 (talk_excited)
Of course you can!
    MC1 (talk_gesture)
We were just heading to the bar down the street.
    MC1 (talk_arms_crossed)
Are you in?

&BGF8 walks to spot 0.551 261 201 in 5 AND BGF7 walks to spot 0.551 298 207 in 5 THEN BGF8 walks to spot 0.551 364 191 in 2 AND BGF7 walks to spot 0.551 368 213 in 2

    YOU (talk_happy_agree)
You know it!

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Yeah I just saw that… lol. It’s kind of hard to keep up with that thread though it’s so messy and busy.

Could you do a school corridor template for me please

Could you please make me a script template for a fight scene between two males and a crowd they are surrounded by because it encourages them. doesn’t have to be many people, It can be up to 7-8 individuals in the crowd. Thank you i will also give credit :slight_smile: