I wrote this song

Song name: A day in spring.

I believed was the last time i smiled with you
Your face in my future
You know i never did it on purpose my love
But the pain I feel in my heart is too much to bear

I believed the train was running away from me
Taking you to another place i didn’t know existed
Far away from the moments we lived together
Moments that belonged to us and nobody else

I believe in your eyes and your heart
I believe in the past we spent together
I believe in the journey we walked side by side
I believe in my feelings you enjoyed

I’m sorry I let you down it surely was not my idea
I don’t regret the day on the beach gathering seashells
Amused by a barking dog running along the shore
Delivering joyful answers three feet in front of us

I remember our favorite ice cream melting down the cone
Dirtying our hands while laughing like a foolish child
I miss you more than ever I want you to be here
Come to me in my secret place I wait for you


It’s really good! I need a song for my story, want to write it… :relaxed: :kissing_heart:

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what kind of song do you want?

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