Ibis Paint x tips!


The stabilizer tool will help with straighter and neater lines

Force Fade

The force fade tool will help when you want the edges to get smaller and have a ‘point’ at the end

Canvas Sizes

A lot of newbie editors/artists tend to just have their canvas at 1000x1000 or something, but this is considered a small canvas, which would result in lower quality art (pixelated lines, harder to control your brush) but when you have a bigger canvas, the line will be neater
I recommend something in the 2000s (ie; 2100x2100) though if your canvas is too big, you won’t be able to add many layers


Ive seen this in many editors art on the forums, but a lot of editors color on the same layer as an outline that they have or they add layers above their art and color

Do not do this

Your outline will get lost and it will look messy.
When coloring, add new layers under the outline layer and create a new layer for new colors (highlights, shadows, hair base, hair highlights etcetera) this will make it easier for you in the long run because if you need to erase something, you’re not erasing everything else either.

Magic Wand and Lasso and Selection Layer

I did not know about this when I first started editing, but when I learned about it, it changed my life! These tools will select a certain area of your art and even if you accidentally color out of the lines, it won’t let you color out of that selected area!

But the magic wand will not select anything with openings in the outline(s)

In that case you could either use the lasso

Or the selection layer (color in the parts you want selected)

Blur Tool

Some art has add shadows and highlights, but in the case that you want soft edges, you can use the blur tool

I hope this helped! I also have a video by @nighty.epy on instagram, where she explains how to use ibisPaint X in more depth