Ibis Paint X users! Where yall at!


I would like 2 art scenes.

  1. Characters Kissing
  2. Characters Dancing

Send some of your work so I can see. I know we got some talented editors who uses ibis paint x. Drop them down in comments!


I can do one of them!


I use IbisPaint X!



woah! very nice!


Can you do the kissing scene for me.


I do better with ink… just putting that out there. Can younsend the details here?


Yes i have my characters in ink n im sending now.


Awesome :blush:


Ok, the kissing scene is now taken. Anyone would like to do the dancing scene?


Episode Wonder could help if you’d like! :slightly_smiling_face:
Would you like examples?


yes please.




Wow, cool!


Thank you :smiley: We have some extremely talented members.


do you have any more examples that I can look at? Those members are very talented for real!


So sorry, but not at the moment. We only have 2 members that fully do Episode art currently😅 (we’re pretty new)


Oh okay. It’s okay.